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Information Days within the EuroMed Youth Programme

Following Call for Proposals no. 02/2015, that was published on October 2, 2015, two information days that will provide information regarding (...)

Israeli booklet presented to the EuroMed Youth Awards 2013

Israel is a country with high percentage of representation in all international activities on youth, especially EuroMed Youth Program IV and (...)

Under Construction

16-20 June, 2013 Akko, Israel. Host organization: Minorities if Israel Under Contruction - A Seminar on Gender Issues and Youth Work in (...)

An EuroMed IV Partnership building activity

Pitchon Lev association implemented a EuroMed IV Partnership building activity that has been performed over a 5 months period including a period (...)

Training course for Israeli youth workers

Under the winter sun of Jerusalem, embraced by its warmth, filled with the enthusiasm, energy and very high interest, under the guidance of the (...)

Multiplier training course

EuroMed Youth Unit Israel (EMYU Israel) is organizing the EuroMed Multiplier national training course between February 3-8, 2013. The aim of (...)

It all starts from within…

Life it’s very dynamic and one grabs every single appropriate moment to dedicate to the most precious things in own life. We run everywhere, (...)

Reflections from Vienna

by Adi Edlira Kahani, Euromed Youth Unit of Israel One week ago, their Imperial Highnesses, Imperator Franz Joseph and his sweet Sissy greeted (...)

Leaders for sustainable future

Watch the video of the seminar implemented in May in the framework of the Action 3!

Teaming Up

Teaming Up was a partnership building activity implemented by Minorities of Israel, in the framework of EuroMed Youth Program Phase IV, in (...)

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