It all starts from within…

The glance of a mother working in Euromed

Life it’s very dynamic and one grabs every single appropriate moment to dedicate to the most precious things in own life. We run everywhere, trying to not miss much, dedicating ourselves to our ideals and ways of living, trying to get the best of life.

Jerusalem is a city in constant change, a city surrounded by a magic aura, a city in which one thinks of centuries of history while walking through a city where old and young intervene.

My son’s school is situated in a neighborhood which is rapidly growing into a mixed neighborhood, with its old Jewish inhabitants and new Arab ones, and every morning when driving through it you see this change…and every morning time spent while driving is one of the most qualitative ones, with talks on almost everything, seen with the eyes of a seven years old.

Yesterday while driving suddenly I hear from the back of the car: “Mom, ever noticed that this neighborhood is becoming a mixed one? Do you think the Arabs living here will harm people?”. Some seconds of silence and suddenly he continues: “ well, actually a bad person will harm others, no matter of his religious background; Jewish, Muslim or Christian…” the answer given to his own question made me feel at ease and happy, and I emphasized to him that this was the way to see things, respecting others for who they are and what they believe in, leaving aside the religious background. For that he could rely on his own story, coming from a mixed background of both Jewish and Muslim origin, and be proud of telling it to whoever would face him with racial statements. ”We have at school a lovely boy, his name is D. and he is at the first grade. He is a very nice guy, of Muslim origin, sometimes naughty, but aren’t we all such” he kept telling: “You know mom I like to play football with him”…”I do not mind staying with him, even though he is different from me. After all this is what also your youth program stands for…” Little had I realized until that moment that my son was getting information from me on EuroMed Youth Program and its principles, with all his questions and experience sharing I had told him. Little had I realized until that moment, that living through this program myself I have transmitted to him also my energies and love dedicated to it…while smiling and thinking that it all starts from within. The person, the family, close circle of people and then the entire society.

When arriving at school I kissed my son goodbye, wished him a lovely day and told him how proud his way of seeing things has made me and while driving to the office, smiling because of joy, thinking of the entire small talk in the car, realizing the good work through this program on educating younger generations with the universal values and respect for the fellow man. While believing that the EuroMed Youth Program will have a huge positive impact on the future and believing that…it all starts from believing yourself and your ideals, it all starts from within!

Jerusalem, October 19, 2012

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