Reflections from Vienna

The Euromed Youth Program officer in Israel sharing on "Training and Cooperation Plan" Meeting of last week

by Adi Edlira Kahani, Euromed Youth Unit of Israel

One week ago, their Imperial Highnesses, Imperator Franz Joseph and his sweet Sissy greeted all participants to the Youth in Action NAs annual TCP their good byes, after hosting them in the Schloss (castle) at the Europahaus in Wien. This year the TCP was attended also by the EMYUs (Euromed Youth Units), and the warm welcome of the colleagues from the Eurpeans National Agencies (NAs) was deeply felt.

Prior to that all participating EMYUs attended the training organized by the RCBS (Regional Capacity Building and Support Unit for the EuroMed Youth Programme IV), emphasizing on different stages of the Program, administrative procedures of projects, the assessment, evaluation, uploading on the web tool, monitoring of the projects, office tasks for the EMYUs themselves. EMYUs shared their experiences on the EuroMed Youth Program implementation in their respective countries, examples of good practices, concerns, ideas and planning for the future…It was a pleasure to feel the synergy of the people in the room, their positive energies and great interaction among them…all the diversity of countries, people and languages, which EuroMed Youth Program has brought in together and emerged in this happy family…

As part of this family, ever since two years by now, I cannot help but reflect on the personal and professional growth I have experienced, and I believe other members of EMYUs as well, the possibility to learn and grow through the learning process and experience sharing from the RCBS team of experts, a group of excellent people, the knowledge gained, the enlightenment and possibility to see beyond the stereotypes and learn about the other, sharing your thoughts and feelings, being accepted for who you are and represent, firmly believing that you are a small piece of a larger jigsaw puzzle, which is needed to make the picture a whole. You reflect on the good work of the Tunisian EMYU and their international events organized, the energy and oratory of the Egyptian head of EMYU, smart and funny Israeli EMYU team, lovely Jordanian unit as well, while all this orchestrated so beautifully and turned into a nice Viennese waltz by the RCBS team; Bernard, Gian Luca, Sylvain, Maria and Sawsan…You cannot help but enjoy the “dancing” into this music in such harmony that you could wonder as to whether these people have known each other many years ago…realizing they are here because they believe the same into the mission they have taken upon themselves; starting writing the music of peace and good neighboring among themselves and their neighbors...firmly believing they can make a difference.

The TCP was another success for the EMYUs; their short presentation when given the floor, their personal connection with many NAs, their including in all the stages of this event, was highly welcomed; EMYUs went back home pleased with the results they got from the TCP, each in regard to their national activity/ies to be organized in 2013, not only that; we brought back home lots of information about the activities to be organized in the framework of Youth in Action Program, therefore enabling the sharing of them to our national youth organizations for participation in many of them…

One week ago we greeted good byes to another successful meeting, ever since started working on the tasks received upon ourselves, while memories of such lovely stay in Vienna, sweeter that a sacher torte, stays with for longer…and all you do is smile when you indulge yourself into those memories and simply say: Thank you EuroMed Youth for keeping us young at heart and soul!!!

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