Teaming Up

The partnership building activity implemented by Minorities of Israel

Teaming Up was a partnership building activity implemented by Minorities of Israel, in the framework of EuroMed Youth Program Phase IV, in cooperation and participation of 8 EU organizations representing 8 EU member countries and 4 Israeli organizations.

The activities (not including preparation and follow up) were implemented from the 17th to the 22nd of June, 2012 and took place in the beautiful port city of Accre, in the Knights Youth Hostel located at the old city.

The organizations participating had a common interest in the inclusion of minority groups and the fight against cultural stereotypes, alcohol/ drug abuse and violence amongst youth in their communities, therefore applying to the regional as well as national priorities of the EuroMed Youth Program.

The project’s major objective was to build and consolidate partnerships and networks between the organizations involved with the objectives of promoting dialogue and understanding between them and developing and implementing joint projects in the future.

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