Training course for Israeli youth workers

Jerusalem, from the 3rd to the 8th February 2013

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Under the winter sun of Jerusalem, embraced by its warmth, filled with the enthusiasm, energy and very high interest, under the guidance of the Regional Capacity Building and Support Unit (RCBS) and the organization of the EuroMed Youth Unit Israel, involving a wonderful team of trainers with a lot of EuroMed Youth experience on their shoulders, working closely as always, Multipliers Training Seminar kicked off in Jerusalem on February 3, 2013...23 participants, covering Israel geographically north to south and east to west, coming from different parts of the Israeli society, youth workers, professionals and volunteers gathered together at the premises of Mayersdorf Club at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to start on this wonderful journey of discovering the excitement, beauty and richness of the EuroMed Youth Program, getting training on the program and learning on how to further enrich themselves, developing their competencies and skills, disseminate the knowledge gained through future training of Israeli youth organizations.

The second day of the Multiplier Training Course continued with participants divided in small groups, working on simulations they received, based on regional and national priorities of the EuroMed Youth Program as well as three types of actions (youth exchange, voluntary service and training and networking). The groups started presenting their projects on Tuesday noon.

Strolling on the streets of Jerusalem on Tuesday evening, with an authentic dinner in one of the renown restaurants at the Mahane Yehuda Market is the culmination of the very intensive day all the participants went through; starting with group preparation of the presentations, while the trainers team worked on the preparation for the coming study visit on Youth work and Inclusion in Israel.

Show does go on...with style, enthusiasm, passion, professionalism and interest catching of project sessions during the fourth day of the Multiplier Training Course in Jerusalem...we have brought the sun within us warming all participants, while rain was falling outside...

On the foot of the Mount Scopus, Jerusalem of thousands of little lights, like little fires, laid in front of us, while we rounded up the five days of training course, highlighted with the awarding of certificates of attendance to participants, songs, B-Day cake to Sara, and the promise to get together in the near future...positive about the new generation of trainers on EuroMed Youth Program in Israel...thank you all for the interest shown, active participation, positive energies and above all believing the same as we do in the work with has been a pleasure getting to know you all and a privilege to work with you in this fantastic program...Today Israeli EuroMed Youth family grew bigger with 16 participants selected to become official EuroMed Youth Program Multipliers and five local representatives to spread the word about the EuroMed Youth Program to Israeli Youth organizations, and we look forward to welcoming our youth among us. Lehitraot to other EuroMed Youth activities, and please get updates through our EuroMed Youth Program Israel web sites and FB fan page.

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